The World Will End Tomorrow

The World Will End Tomorrow:

I’m bored. I think the world should stop 11.08.13 and let me off. (My hands are beginning to suffer the same as my legs)

I should get myself abused on the internet into becoming really thin and healthy. ?

Also: I’d join a Church, but who would want to be a member of a Church with David Milne and Co. top dogs in it? Woof Woof. Just for example. He not only wants to run it, but he wants to bring the whores to Church with him for convenience. This is by no means unusual. My prostitute mother was a Church goer, and all the clergy and elders were her customers. (Including David)

Because of them I have to live without my family.

I’m reading a book by Michael Connelly called ‘The Last Coyote’ at the moment. (Nearly finished it) All about detective Harry Bosch’s prostitute mother’s murder when he was a child, and how he solved it thirty five years later. If you want to know how the police use Prostitutes and get information from them to solve petty crimes read this book. And if a prostitute ever tells the truth, except when it suits them, I’ll be amazed. If ever there were groups to avoid for information, they are top of the list. It’s easy, corrupt, and  totally false policing. Except they run the police forces in Britain and America. Michael Connelly writes it as it is perhaps, but I write as it should be. I also know exactly how it is, and what must be done to correct it.

Note: Pluscarden Abbey have an internet server, and probably video cameras as well? They need money to live, and so they have let organized criminals use those places.


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