Elton John Is Mentally ill

Elton John Is Mentally ill:

It is a fact that poofs are mentally ill. In order to repent they have to become sane. Most never will, and will go to hell instead. They refuse to accept God exists. They will go to any lengths to ensure God cannot get  a foothold on the planet earth.

I have never been mentally ill in my life. I have always upheld the rule of God, and been condemned for it time and again. As Christ said “They will lock you up and even kill you for my names’ sake.” Believe me they will. There doctors* are not paid over a hundred thousand pounds a year for nothing.

Satan’s kingdom, of course, will say that anyone who upholds the word of God is mentally ill. Who’s law should we abide by? Ask David Cameron soon, because he is being told to F**k by every decent country on earth. He will realize soon that Britain is finished, and poofs finished her.

*Speaking of Doctors. When Robert Black lived at Turriff he had several friends. Amongst them Bible John. One such friend is now a Doctor. (Hatton I think) Graeme (Or Grahame) Ferguson ex of Ardmiddle Mains Farm by Turriff. Now Turriff will go to any lengths to cover up Robert Black and Bible John’s activities whilst they were there. They have gone into total denial. How many of them were involved too? Many.

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