I have only attended two funerals in my life. My mother’s (Just to make sure she went to hell, and a lovely neighbour, whom Saint Peter will judge) A bit too late to respect a person after they’re dead.

I labour every day to keep people alive. In the after life as well. I am sitting in Elgin library, for example, and I can assure you that not one member of their staff will live later. They despise everything the only person who could give them eternal life said. Instead they follow the false teachings of Muhammad.

Unfortunately for them, I am right, and he was wrong.

Today The U.K. has brought in a law that forces school teachers to teach homosexuality in Schools.

Today I subscribe to the fact that the people left in this nation are pure evil.

Today I subscribe to the fact that they have killed everyone who is decent, and would kill me for being decent.

Today I must say you are too late to save a person when they are dead. God is the God of the living. So am I. Never think you can hide from judgements in death. It cannot be done.

Ever day I remember that the souls of the dead under God’s throne cry out for justice. Something not one of your idle Churches have ever understood enough to tell you.

Let the dead bury the dead.


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At present I am disabled (Leprosy)
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