Fukushima Nuclear Leaks Killing Dolphins?

Fukushima Nuclear Leaks Killing Dolphins?:

Off the west coast of America large numbers of dolphins are reportedly dying. They have migrated there for some reason.


Dolphins breathe air. Is it even safe to sail those waters? Was the tsunami perhaps caused by a meteorite then? Not an earthquake. The reason I ask is because of the Bible prophecy. “A third part of the seas will become as blood, and a third part of sea life will die. Yet they will not repent of their evil deeds.”

See the very concerning videos on cnn.com They are beginning to get really worried.

Note: The tanks leaking can’t be identified! You would think it would be the ones with less in them than there should be. Or is this too simple. Shout ‘Gauges and keep filling records’ at them. Very loudly. 


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