At Last, Our Newspapers Are Taking Sides

At Last, Our Newspapers Are Taking Sides:

Better late than never, but I have to say that they should have done so decades ago.

For the same reason that politicians won’t condemn poofs so newspapers, who would like to, have refrained from doing so until now. Votes/Sales.

If I were to accept religions other than the single religion of Jews / Christians and pretend to accept gays and lesbians this site would get a lot more hits. I will not bend God’s rules for Lucifer’s kingdom, which is what they have been doing. It is what democracy has been doing. It is what a single Church would never do. It would have hung David Cameron and Nick Clegg’s views in advance without a second thought, and them as well if they persisted. Moral laws are not to be broken without real repentance.

Newspapers that take God’s side will soon discover what many of us already know. It is a war between king dick Lucifer and God. Choose God’s words and print them in the good fight unto victory.

Onward Christian soldiers marching into print. Forward into battle see his daily banners go.



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