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Meet My Replacement?

Why is he behind me every time I turn around? Is he getting a car? A wife? One just like him. You will believe that they replace whites with their own. Just hope you’re not too late. This man is probably … Continue reading

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Saving £Billions

Saving £Billions: Why not save £billions of pounds by making all legal drugs available to buy over the counter? Doctors are choosing who lives this present way. The black muslim (White Nigger) Royen the Butcher, High Street, Elgin is, or … Continue reading

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Why Does Dying Take So Long?

Why Does Dying Take So Long?: Tell you a funny story. This happened today. Macmillan cancer relief had a coffee morning in the St. Giles Kirk, High Street, Elgin this morning. Run and organized by the Nationwide Building Society, same … Continue reading

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Yeshua Christ’s Following On Earth

Yeshua Christ’s Following On Earth: Yeshua Christ had a tremendous following during his life before the crucifixion. Great multitudes followed his teaching sermons, both within and without the Churches. My following should have come from my music. However people of … Continue reading

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Prostitutes Why Not Try This?

Prostitutes Why Not Try This? See the Carbon Monoxide detector below titled The Ultimate Weapon Of Evil: “””” The Beast’s Talk If you ever have, or know anyone who has, trouble from teenagers damaging property in the night. Try swapping … Continue reading

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Warning To Potential Gamblers

Warning To Potential Gamblers: (Posted under books, for bookies) Because most pubs have become bar restaurants up until, and therefore have children in them ’til eight, the barmen can’t pull out the bookies slips shake their heads sadly and … Continue reading

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Charlotte Hoather. Singer

I just posted this on a young singer’s blog comments: I used to be a professional quality singer, until anti Christians decided I was too good, and might undermine them. Then they crippled me. Best of luck for the future … Continue reading

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Vehicle Accidents

Vehicle Accidents: This is something I can confirm is true. In the i (ndependent) paper U.K. today there is a two page spread about vehicle hacking. They say criminals can hack into your electronic ignition, but I have it on … Continue reading

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Britain Faces Oblivion

Britain Faces Oblivion: It is not just a corrupt police force, that runs organised crime, and refuses to arrest the guilty. Choosing instead to arrest the innocents. Planting evidence if needed. I can safely say I have never broken a … Continue reading

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Elton John Again I’m Afraid

Elton John Again I’m Afraid: Because he has set himself at the front of the campaign to kill Christ, and all things Christian. Yes he has been here in Moray, and yes he was seen with Jerry O’Brien, and yes … Continue reading

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