Warning To Potential Gamblers

Warning To Potential Gamblers: (Posted under books, for bookies)

Because most pubs have become bar restaurants up until 8.pm, and therefore have children in them ’til eight, the barmen can’t pull out the bookies slips shake their heads sadly and say things like “Tommy had a big win the day, the bookies will have to pay out a lot. And Sammy ‘n a’.” in order to encourage new fools to bet.

Now the bookies have people, such as David, going round the bars and restaurants telling everyone about their big wins. Don’t be fooled. The bookies supply the money for show, and pay them a wage.

I remember a publican in Keith who used to go in the bookies next door, in which he had shares?, every monday morning and lay down exactly £500. Never placed a bet. (I spent weeks studying this phenomena. Little else to do)

On Fridays, just before the bookies closed at 5.30 or 6.00 pm and while his pub was filling with men just paid, he’d go to collect his winnings for the week. usually between £300 and £500, and a pile of winning and losing slips, which the girls in the bookies made up after the races. The WINNINGS were in his hand, the rest in his pocket. All £500 went back to the bookies on the Monday morning again. Until I pointed out to his foolish punters that the money was the same tenners. Every bar is the same. The barman or the publican is taking a cut and commission for new fools signed up.  

Who is David. A weedy little fool around Elgin. See if you can spot him, and send him packing to get a proper job.

Note: See why they don’t allow me to produce music? I’m nearly good, but God knows how I suffer for it.

Note: Fool equals a fool and his money being easily parted.


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