Yeshua Christ’s Following On Earth

Yeshua Christ’s Following On Earth:

Yeshua Christ had a tremendous following during his life before the crucifixion. Great multitudes followed his teaching sermons, both within and without the Churches.

My following should have come from my music. However people of other faiths made sure that it was not to be.

It leaves me to do the job without the support and comforts I may have had. It leaves me open to abuse from everyone. Even Christians to date. He was loved by most, and hated by others. This is par for the course in any life. (I listen to musicians who make millions in terms of money, and have vast followings, but not one has done one particle of good in their entire lives)

If anyone is in any doubt that Lucifer restrains me 24/7 it is because he has been so successful. Job summed it up best when he said “I have done no wrong, but still God hurts me.”

So the question is. How much longer God ’til you let me die or do the job appointed? You could have had it all God, and not lost a single soul, if you had only worked at it.

In one of Simon Peter’s letter’s in the Bible he said his life was nearly over, and he was looking forward to his death. So be it Simon, but don’t blame me for works still undone, and souls lost as a result.


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