Why Does Dying Take So Long?

Why Does Dying Take So Long?:

Tell you a funny story. This happened today.

Macmillan cancer relief had a coffee morning in the St. Giles Kirk, High Street, Elgin this morning. Run and organized by the Nationwide Building Society, same address.

As I was passing the building society branch door two employees were standing outside collecting. He, said to her. “He (Myself) just walks around looking for sympathy.”

In my experience young man there is no such thing on planet earth. I suggest if you grow up and face the real world, you will discover that money is not everything, and Macmillan is just money for nurses as well.

He (Me) can hardly walk, but if he could he’d just get on with it at a faster step. Life that is. The cure is the destruction of Babylon.


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At present I am disabled (Leprosy)
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