Was Christ Hated More Than me?

Was Christ Hated More Than me? During his life on earth.

If he was, then I’m doing something wrong. After all he was happily dead and resurrected again aged thirty three. (Approximately) Although when I was thirty three I was pretty much despised also. Oh yes. He has little on me on that score. I’m fairly sure that I’ve surpassed the hate that was levied against him now. Correct me if I’m wrong, and I’ll work on it. Maybe tell people the new Pope has to be gay to have become a Priest? Or a Paedophile?

“Accept Gays” he said. “God will.” He said. Or he (Pope Francis ) is wasting his time. (He’s wasting his time)

I have to laugh when they say Priests could marry? They have no intention of marrying. They’re poofs or Paedo’s. Or both. That’s why they’re Priests.

I should have said in that previous post ‘Lay off Jews’, because Ed Miliband means nothing to me otherwise. Past or present.

And who could convince us that if David Cameron attended Eton, he is not a poof. That is a certainty surely. Is there not a decent heterosexual journalist out there who can dig up the truth on that, and publish it? (Probably not) We all know it’s true. Note that bribing will not work on Ex Etonians. Torture them instead?

It really is annoying though is it not. There has never been an Eton pupil who is not gay, and yet we have to stand by and watch him destroy this damned nation with his lover boy Clegg. Maybe even Europe.  


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