China Is Paying For It All Then? Wars ‘n’ All

China Is Paying For It All Then? Wars ‘n’ All:

All those wars that Britain and America fight in the name of freedom are apparently being paid for, mostly, by China. A lot of it is also paid for by Japan, and God knows which other nations.

In that case one must wonder how we could possibly complain if China, Russia, Japan Etc., Veto Britain or America starting wars with places such as Syria?

Another consideration is this. Could Britain and America be mere tools in the hands of other producing nations? Here’s the money, go create markets for us?

Money is definitely the root of all evil. No doubt about it. It makes a mockery of world wide conservative politics today. “We are only the business men because we borrow more and refuse to pay it all back.” They should say. Oh, bring back the industrial revolution and apply it to farming and roads and rail. Farmers needs are the future of making things. Based on bread alone goes far reaching for trade and industry. Far beyond.


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