Shred It? Or Ten Box Set?

This picture was taken outside Elgin Library today.

Koran Shredder
The debate here is, should the koran be shredded first, before the burning ceremony? Or should it be made into a ten box numbered set with numbers one to ten?

You see when God gave Moses the ten commandments on the mountain, carved in stone, they were specifically for his people at the time.  The arabs however say in their book of fiction known as the Quran that ‘they‘ gave Moses the commandments, and there were only nine.

Of course the commandments still apply today, but there is not an arab keeps any of them. Their book teaches them to lie. Lucifer being the father of lies, we know who it represents.

It is therefore fitting, in my opinion that the latter be applied. Each symbolic number representing its corresponding commandment.

And let this be an end to the fiction that was the Quran, and the attempts to undermine God’s people.


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