Red Cross Food Parcels

Red Cross Food Parcels:

Most of Scotland is now living off Red Cross food parcels. See news stories in Scottish papers.

I was walking down the street in Elgin, Morayshire only yesterday and stepped over a woman. I asked her what she was doing and she said dying. She told me she hadn’t eaten for three weeks. When I asked her about her Red Cross Food Parcels she said she did get them, but her son stole them.

No money to buy food, because her son stole it all to buy drugs.

Cold it was yesterday so I just told her I’d leave her to it, and walked on to a warm place. I did suggest she’d maybe spoiled her son somewhat, instead of making him a worker, and a Christian.

The papers are full of stories about the food parcels. I wonder if Alex Salmon (Scotland’s Leader) gets the same as everyone else? We don’t hear about the situation in England. The internet might tell us?

I now have a pile of Fray Bentos cans. Who makes them now? Fat cats probably. Better than nothing for a starving people.


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