There Is But One God

There Is But One God:

How he despairs at so many false religions. I’m sitting watching ‘Planet Of The Apes’. Original. It inspires me not at all. For apes substitute ‘Freudian Society’, except the apes have more religion and more moral sense. (The film is good enough escapism)

Freud, one of the most evil men ever to live on earth, sold the idea that humans should live like animals because they are animals. No morals. No scruples. No decency. Only happiness.

God said. ‘Humans are better than brute beasts, and should behave better.’

He also said he who hates his life does well. Presumably until there is only one religion.

King David and Job said, as I say “Why is everybody always picking on me?” My religion does not pick on me.

God told me that it is “not really in him to hate, but he hates the people who  have hurt me.”

I’m the GOOD GUY.


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