Grampian Records

Grampian Records:

I was searching the internet yesterday for Willie Sutherland and Frankie Couts recordings. Just as a matter of interest. They were a very famous local act.

They were discovered during a talent contest on T.V., and later recorded with ‘Grampian Records’, until Willie died aged 32 (ish) in 1973. (I remember telling him once that I was better, and I still think I was)

I thought to look at Grampian Records yesterday at the same time. Very little seems available. Grampian Records was a part of Grampian T.V., and although they had recording studios in Wick, Caithness, no one could approach them. I know, because I tried. They had to approach the acts themselves they told me. Mostly found on Talent Shows or similar on T.V. They were exclusively Grampian T.V. They used to advertise new albums exclusively from Grampian Records, “available in the shops now” etc, on Grampian T.V. Grampian Records never really existed in other words. They were simply part of Grampian T.V.

Grampian T.V. would never accept advertisements from independent acts or studios. For obvious reasons. They covered all the music in all of the Grampian area. No one could have broken into that market. It was entirely closed to others.

The market is now covered by ‘Ross Records’, Turriff. Are they the new ‘Grampian Records’? I don’t know about that, but again it appears a totally closed shop. Although not perhaps entirely exclusive.

Mike Todd used to work for Grampian T.V. before he went to work for people like N.A.S.A. but he returned to this area and had for a time the Gordon Bar across the road from me. He spent most of his time there trying to break down my hearing to accomodate ‘BIG BIRD’ and failed completely. He must of seen it as a personal challenge.

It’s ineresting that one of my (Prostitute) mother’s customer’s was a T.V. producer. He probably started with Grampian T.V.? I should think he did. (He’d be dead now?) The only thing I can be sure of is that whenever I played music at home, it appeared very quickly in other people’s songs. Not Grampian Records either, as far as I know.

What I want to know is, were Grampian T.V. ever part of Hydro Electric, and therefore Thorn E.M.I? I know that Moray Firth Radio played exclusively E.M.I. music before they became part of Scottish Radio Holdings. Now? I never listen, and I don’t have a T.V.

(I think the last thing I saw on my own T.V. was an advert for a new Grampian Records recording)

When Gordon McLauchlan was told he must sell the Gordon Bar to Mike Todd I thought it was someone local who installed Todd, but it was probably Grampian T.V., because although he left them to study, he never really left them. Gordon might know?


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