Pain Again Last Night

Pain Again Last Night:

Gas and gadgets and implants in my legs.

They seem to be satellite run, because they only work at certain times. The good for nothing poof Stewart Lipp, gave the implants to Elaine Davidson to implant at the muslim doctors, Maryhill Elgin. Will they ever admit to what they do? They will die together with all of Britain if they don’t.

Stewart Lipp and his boyfriend are to get married. They would falsely accuse me of anything they could make stick. You wonder what harm the BBC did you all? They put every poof in the U.K. on a pedestal. Yet still they persist in setting the standards. Let them lead you into hell, but count me out.

Note: Remember Prince Charles is black. I would happily have him as king if he laid off me, but why do we need three kings? Cameron and Clegg are more than enough.

I can see another disaster in the making as well. A Liberal government at the next election.


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At present I am disabled (Leprosy)
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