North Facing Windows And Weeping Secretaries

North Facing Windows And Weeping Secretaries:

There are twenty two computers in this library room, and yesterday I was using the only one with a paint programme that ‘bleeds’ colours. I was using it to create a header for this page. It is one of two with scanners, but the other one is okay. Probably the graphic card? Never mind it’s not something to complain about, but it lets me see that an office could have a faulty machine that may drive the people up the wall. 

So: Anyway.

Take two secretaries of equal ability and put one in an office with a south facing window, and the other in an office with a north facing window. In the northern hemisphere obviously. The girl with the north facing window will be pulling her hair out and probably suffering tears and depression. Not a joke. It is that serious.

I’ve dealt with this subject before on my myspace, but it’s well worth mentioning again. I have a north facing living room, and it’s impossible to do anything that requires seeing in small details. E.g. Even drawing a straight line from two dots.

The test: Take a sewing needle with a very small eye, and thread it with cotton by sight. In my living room you could only do it by accident. Take it through to the room with the south facing window and the problem is solved immediately. (In my case the kitchen)

Don’t get depressed lass/es. Demand better light. Like this library. Equal rights actually. They used to speak of ill lit factories causing accidents. That was the reason.


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At present I am disabled (Leprosy)
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