Much is written in the Bible about the spirits of the dead rising up and walking the streets. They are very common.

When I asked St. Peter if he ever went back to see his own tomb he told me there was no point. “I’m here am I not?” He said. Good point. It took me a long time to work that one out Simon.

There were stories of Elvis Presley having left his tomb, but I suspect that even if true, he’d have been returned until judgement day at least. Too high profile to go AWOL. He would have agreed to that himself if guaranteed totally uninterrupted sleep. Just a moment in time that way.

Yeshua could be considered a ghost by our definition, but he and Simon are not of course. They are continued life.

One thing about life, no matter how many times one time travels, one is always going forward from the date of their birth.

I was also told that sightings of people carrying their heads under their arms are likely to be true. “If they were decapitated they would have to.” Ghosts then are not the same as resurrected. And walk by past knowledge not their present. Their sight is in the past. This also explains why you would see them walk through walls. The walls being more recent than their deaths.

Ghosts therefore can be dangerous. One of St Peter’s duties is to ensure that such restless spirits are returned to their resting place quickly.

Familiar spirits, which are totally illegal now, could raise the dead, according to the scriptures.  (Which Biblical person was deliberately awoken by one to be questioned, and got very cross indeed?)

I’ve seen Henry Gauld do that. Just for mischief.

These things are not ‘clever’ they are just a part of the reality I have to live with all the time. Yeshua summed it up when he said “There are two worlds. The real world you see, and the spirit world you don’t.” Unless you are worthy.

And yes, I truly have met him also.

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