Iraq Is Rather Obviously A Goner

Iraq Is, Rather Obviously, A Goner:

Babylon in its death throes.

With it will go Kuwait, as the sea washes over it and the effect will be terminal. Nothing will ever live there again, except the wild animals.


Rather obvious actually. The muslim faith cannot come up with any reasons for existing. They have no God, and they are beginning to realise that the God of Jews and Christians is the only God. (My Boss) They followed a fool in muhammad, because they wanted excuses to kill Jews and Christians. They didn’t really follow the fool. They just use his name to do the evil themselves. Now they are paying the price, and will pay even more dearly unless they comply, and become Jews through God’s only begotten son, Yeshua Christ.

Note: Israel was attacked with hundreds of rockets just recently. (Jews have lived under muslim persecution for hundreds of years actually) Now they may have defended themselves by taking out a similar missile threat in Syria. (No one has admitted anything as yet, but sooner or later they will have to eliminate such a threat AGAIN anyway)

Still those good for nothing muslim trash say it is Israel that are the aggressors. Rubbish. They never have been. They are God’s people defending themselves against all the odds.

God; I beg you to finish it. muslims will never be anything worth having around anyway. Just vermin. Destroy Mecca as well.


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