This Could Be Done You Know

This Could Be Done You Know:

Not to be trusted to existing electric motor manufacturers?

Although the end result would look like an electric motor, because it would be one, it is in fact a new technology. But instead of brute strength it would rely on computer precision and a bigger lever to give it extra power. At present electric motors give back little more than they take from the power source. It’s just a means to turn the power source into something else. Something we now find too expensive.

This way: They could supply their own power. Just think bigger, more precise use of power, without the waste. Balanced to turn in a weightless manner, but with real drive. All about refining the drive to the point there is no resistance within the unit. The power take off generator (Like an alternator) would have to be equally balanced. Flawless engineering.

For: Heating, and driving, factories, homes, offices, ,

Powering: Cars, vans, lorries, buses, motor cycles, ships, trains, ,

For use in space travel count me out. Also: I will never support nuclear power. (The epitome of desolation can so easily be disastrous, and I smell a British nuclear power station disaster coming)

Required Power 

Can someone please explain how a jet engine fires in space? They are after all just a four stroke engine. Must carry an oxygen supply? Would a flywheel have effect in space? Maybe not, but at the same time the same precision and balance should work. Don’t tell God I told you that.

Worried about the impact? Limit it by license. Charge duty by the license instead of the fuel.

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