Why I Am So Intense In What I Do Just Now

Why I Am So Intense In What I Do Just Now: I am desperately worried for you about this situation.

This is actually outside my brief, but the situation is growing more serious every day.

Revelation 9:11 “They had as king over them the angel of the Abyss, whose name in Hebrew is Abaddon and in Greek is Apollyon.”

When dogs or other animals fight, or are made to fight, they will never back down until one is dead. If the human dogs or other animals start picking on you, you will kill them, or be killed yourselves.

If they have a leader who knows how to lead them, (Telepathic power of the dragon is real, and undetectable to the simple minded) Then they will have no trouble rounding you all up and killing you if you have not their mark. They also have an affinity with the beasts of the field and will use them. Watch their love for animals with this in mind.

They already have vast power. They run our NHS. and government. That is not wrong. It is fact. Cameron, Clegg and Obama support them, and what is coming next.

Gays and lesbians will have no option but to follow them. They have made their beds, and there is no turning back for them unless they repent. (Which is my brief. Or part of it, because there are others as listed in Corinthians 1. 6:9-10. My brief is to consolidate Christianity, before it gets erased) As most of them have animal blood in them, most will choose the beasts.

It just takes an animal in your family tree to have blood in you. Obviously the mother carries on with the blood in her. Or a blood transfusion.

I  started reading a book called ‘The River Of Shadows.’ by Robert V.S. Redick. (As a book it is a well written work. (Book three of a series of four. I won’t read it all))

It is a book of fantasy in which the animals can all speak, and are all mutants. The usual dangerous garbage. The problem with that is people start to ‘LOVE’ such creatures, and then kiss the sacrifice. End of farming? God won’t allow me to watch Walt Disney movies if they have such creatures in them. I could watch them now, because I am too grown up to be influenced, but I won’t.

I notice that the social services are employing more and more such animals, but of a lesser degree, as minders for the others.

Question: Is there a nation which has hidden them away under ground? In total denial? Cheap underground factory labourers perhaps?

If you are a poof, you are one of them, lest you repent in a single Church.


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