Elgin Library: Job Club Day Here Today

Elgin Library: Job Club Day Here Today: Every Thursday.

I’m not allowed in the club because? Well it should be because I’m disabled only, but Bruce Taylor, who put everyone out of work in the first place, has apparently told the head man, John, that I’m a thief.

Whilst I have got used to his antics myself, I should have thought that John would have had more sense than to believe him.

I do not steal, and I never have. Bruce was, is, a life long friend of Bible John. A relation. He actually knows him better than me. We were never close.

Anyway: The Rumour Is,,,,n’t.

Note: There will be no work for people when the Bible’s Beast takes over. Craft will prosper under his rule. They’ll love him for that. Maybe it’s Bruce?

I still think two women who work in this building stole money meant for me. (Cathedral) It did happen elsewhere. Who would think it would happen twice?


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At present I am disabled (Leprosy)
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