Are You A Beast? Or Are You Human?

Are You A Beast? Or Are You Human?:

This post is not meant to shock you.

Buddhists make much of recycling. Some say they’d like to recycle their bodies by leaving them in the wild for the animals to eat because they are animal lovers. Big Deal, and do they ever? They themselves are vegetarians. Insisting that animals are not for eating.

There have been more dead humans eaten by wild creatures, including fish, over the centuries than animals eaten by humans? I’d not like to try putting a figure on it. It must be close. Ships lost at sea,* including two world wars, battle fields covered with bodies awaiting burial. Etc. Etc. And parts count, because I’ve never eaten a whole sheep at once, or animal in my life, either. (I can gobble a small chicken though)

Q. What then defines the human and separates them from the beasts of the field?

A. The word of God in the Jewish Scriptures. Nothing more.

God, who has time travel and can check ahead, created the balance of nature as required by instructing humans what we can, or cannot eat. To change this is to upset the ecology of the earth. “All things on earth are for the good of man.” He said. It is therefore man’s duty to keep this balance. Too late?

Buddhists are totally out of order with their life styles. Like all religions they totally rely on the Holy Bible to keep them alive and safe from the very human beasts they have helped to create. The law. Without the laws of the God, they shun, humans are brute beasts. The more we learn of God’s law, the less of an animal we become.

Allowing beasts to flourish at the expense of farming domestic animals is a recipe which can only end in disaster. As is changing laws so that they contradict God’s laws.

Take a continent such as Australia. Imagine if the wild animals descended on a city. Thousands of crocodiles would wipe out the human population in hours. (A good case for keeping some mustard gas, because nothing else could stop them)

I am not scare mongering. Elephants in Africa have caused such havoc for a long time, although to date still controllable, making farming and industry nigh on impossible on occasions. (I like elephants. At a safe distance)

If things continue to go in the way that animal lovers, who are uneducated beasts themselves, want, these situations will get out of control as the Bible predicts. (Revelation 6:8) I can see the situation worsening more rapidly now. I’ve been watching it since the 1970’s.

Other religions are not better. God gave Jews instructions and later a son to pass the instructions on to the rest of us, so we may become one in Christ and the law. We can have only one religion.

I am not wrong in any way in what I preach. Humans by the word of God as a single body. Or wild raving beasts through the lack of it.

Won’t you join me?

Note *: “And the sea shall give up it’s dead.”

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