Saint Giles Church, Elgin, Facelift

Saint Giles Church, Elgin, Facelift:

1st – Can they afford it?

2nd – Will it help God get his word in with the community? It never has to date.

3rd – Will it save Britain? Or make it available for the Saints instead?

4th – Will it do YOU any good?

5th – Will it rid the world of human animals by prevention?

6th – Will it help the shops? Does that matter anyway?

7th – Will God ever listen to one of their prayers if I’m not there?

8th – Will this damned pain they’ve helped to cause me never be taken away?

9th – Will they ever stop laughing about the evil they help contrive? I.e. ‘Free Love’ and ‘freedom to worship as people please.’

10th – Will they ever accept the Catholic religion? It’s the same religion, but with different bigotries. Though never the same from person to person, (Which proves it’s spite all round) except by general collective agreement for the sake of reason.

11th – Does Saint Peter know which denomination the Saint Giles Church is? He’ll “Accept either.” he says.

12th – But will he ever make them accept each other?

“Much face lifting (Washing) with soap.”

P.S. Put the criminal Grahame Clarke behind bars for his life time. Or else. For ’til you do there can be no religion. And hang Bible John. For all the criminal farces have gone world wide now.


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