‘Scotland’s Future’ At A Glance

‘Scotland’s Future’ At A Glance:

Page 564 (of 649) Q & A (Questions and Answers)

Q. 590. What will be the position of Churches and religion in an independent Scotland?

A. We propose no change to the legal status of any religion or of Scotland’s Churches.

That’s it then God. You are not welcome, as usual. The bad is still allowed with the good, making it pointless. I’d teach this earth a lesson it will never forget by using Scotland as the means, if I were you. (I doubt if religion gets another mention in the paper, though I’ve not received my copy to study in depth yet.

At first glance all I see is ‘there will be no change to this or that.’ Poofs will get even more power though I notice. Along with every organised criminal in the nation.

It is an Alex Salmon ego trip and nothing more. A trip he, and you will regret, even with a No vote.

No doubt there will be more on this subject before the voting. Then the shooting will start.

P.S. Scotch Whisky is known here to be a slow poison.

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