Can Speak About The Weather Now

Can Speak About The Weather Now: (Everyone else in the U.K. is)

No flooding here. Yet. It often Does. (E.g. 2009)

Expecting a huge tidal surge, but is given as being further south than here. (Here being on the Moray Firth) Gales and rain last night. Snowing now, but still gales.


Cold. Lot of damage. London flood barrier down, or up, I’m not sure which, but ready for surge. If it came up the Moray Firth the damage would be absolutely immense. E.g. Elgin is only a few metres above sea level although it is six miles inland along the river Lossie. Inverness is at the neck of a funnel for a surge. Not to mention many places between.

I live well above all previous flood levels. In theory a surge could reach my house, but I dread to think of the damage to lower levels if it did. Lhanbryde has flooded at lower levels from the local stream.

Elgin Flood Alleviation Work. Costing the government £86 million. (Probably 172 million when finished) A few men and bosses, and some very expensive Japanese / Chinese machines. Doubt they’ve worn out one pick or one shovel yet?


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