Did Nelson Mandela Know About White Niggers?

Did Nelson Mandela Know About White Niggers?:

You see, if he did, then he could do nothing other than to appear totally humble. (He was a terrorist (Or freedom fighter?) who killed a great many people apparently)

If he had not been humble, he would have jeopardized their attempts to undermine other societies.

It seems to me that their purpose became his purpose. Apartheid was ended then, more by their efforts, than his?

I sure would not like to judge this. Though I have to say that the descendants of the slaves in places such as the U.S.A. had much more to do with ending it. He was but a tool, sharpened and honed in his absence, by clever reporting abroad. He was their creation. I remember thinking when he was released ‘that man is terrified to speak, in case he puts his foot in it, and contradicts the image they made for him.’ To his credit he stuck with it to the end.

We should look at the apartheid in Britain today. Before it kills us all.


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