A Quick Look At My Prophecy’s

A Quick Look At My Prophecy’s: (See Page Link Above)

Tesco should have went under with the horse meat scandal. Might yet. Lack of law keeping in Britain let them all off Scott free. Lossiemouth has been flooded from the sea. As has much of Britain. Elgin is not entirely safe yet.

Four libraries just closed and more will follow soon. The storms did much more damage than they are admitting.

The rest? Ireland soon. Not punishment. Just part of the natural break up of planet earth. West coast of England from Mull of Kintyre to North Wales will also be badly affected that day.

The Bibles in the header picture are two of my own. The Christmas tree has been my Christmas tree for years. Splitting a little now. It was decorated for it’s photo call only, and wiped after. (Chalk)

Ed asks: “Touch of sarcasm there Gordon?”

Gordon says: “Shut up Ed.”

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At present I am disabled (Leprosy)
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