His Religion Carried Nelson Mandela

His Religion Carried Nelson Mandela: (Christianity)

Mandela’s religious upbringing went a long way to making South Africa what it is now. Let us not waste this opportunity he has given us to build on his good works.

In Britain some young people today have not got a clue as to which direction to take. Serious? They are more likely to follow the devil than Christ. There is more religion in South Africa.

God said. “I would that you all would repent. I would that you all would be saved.”

However, even he cannot help those who don’t, or can’t find a way to.  

I see it as the duty of people like myself to create a Church that gives the grounding that youngsters need. Compulsory is the essential discipline. Teaching of the gospels to EVERY generation is essential.

A man told me yesterday, as if I didn’t know, that ‘God chooses you.’ Yes, but from what? From empty voids of souls that have never heard what is expected of them, and know more about being evil than good. Christ could walk on the average street in the western world and find few Christians with the basic knowledge to choose from. No building block within. So much for ‘when two or more people are gathered together in my name, there I will be also.’ When pseudo Christians are gathered together in Christ’s name they hardly know their a***s from their elbows. The result is even the preachers follow the a***s.

It could, and probably will, mean the good will perish with the bad in many nations. (Beyond salvage) Based on the premise that everybody has the potential to be good if they are disciplined in the word of God. Those who sneer and refuse to teach are even more guilty than those who never heard.

Nelson Mandela? Let us pray. “God give us somewhere worthwhile to pray and repent. Build the blocks and rock solid souls.” Amen


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