I Was Just Saying To Saint Peter The Other Day ,

I Was Just Saying To Saint Peter The Other Day , :

I was speaking to Saint Peter the other day about this nonsense spoken by a fake interpreter in South Africa claiming he saw angels in the clouds. He agrees it’s terrible.

“He’ll probably claim he’s met Saint Paul next.” I said.

“Or say he’s Yeshua Christ more likely.” Saint Peter said.

What is this world coming to?


You might think this is a bit of a joke. I say it tongue in cheek, but it’s no joke. It is very, very, very serious.

Take this afternoon. I was walking along Elgin High Street, and a German busker was pretending to play classical guitar. The music is on a USB pen plugged into the guitar. Multiply that millions of times and you begin to see the problem the truth faces in getting any message of decent living across.

How can the heavens compete with rubbish like that? Where is the truth?

Another example is the BBC and establishment Britain determinedly time and again publishing lies about how the earth is millions of years old, and there is no God. Accompanied by a poofs pseudo music more often than not. Easy for them to get their perversions across.

“Is there intelligent life in the heavens?” They asked.

Then went on to say ‘it’s unlikely.’ I have seen intelligent life from the heavens, but failed to find any at the BBC.

It is very likely that Britain will be destroyed. (Book Of Daniel) Attempting to manipulate God is not to be advised.

 How many people would believe, now that I am old, that I ever was a musician? Few, because so much time energy and money has been spent on preventing me.


About Gdicm

Gordon Davidson, I Care Music. (Gdicm) At present I am disabled. I have met Christ, and Saint Peter, and others and have been given a job to do by them. Party political democracy will never be a success for decent people anywhere. It empowers criminals, whose votes politicians need, and gives those criminals powers they should never have. It has brought transgressors to the forefront of every society. It could do nothing else if their votes are needed. Law and order is Bible preached self discipline, which no longer exists in the average person. For example: Would Gays or Lesbians be legal if politicians did not require their votes? No. Would it harm them to not be Gay? No. Only a single compulsory Christian Church can bring about fair equality. Let me build a proper religion, starting around Elgin Cathedral, Morayshire Scotland. Let democracy be done by the Church using God's laws as the guide. Gdicm music is on various streaming services.
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