Is There Anything Else Elgin Library Could Steal From Me?

Is There Anything Else Elgin Library Could Steal From Me?:

“There is no more, they’ve taken everything.” As the song says.

They removed all the sound recording controls from these PC’s.

Before that they smashed all my windows at home if I went near a musical instrument. Has anyone else had their windows broken thousands of times? Even broke the broken ones several times a night.

I say this because I have been kept under house arrest for more years than Mandela. Plus he got everything free, but everything I have comes from my pocket. They are just common thieves.

When I came to use Elgin Library facilities, all the existing staff were pushed out, and replaced by GCHQ mi5 sh*t.

They also refused me a passport, because anti biotics can be bought abroad?

What is worse is I now discover that the Morayshire education department is also being run by white niggers out of GCHQ who firmly follow the Arab nations doctrine of refusing to give girls a formal education. They are in charge of children’s future. Their intention is to create schools to that intent. They have already set up 125 of them.

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At present I am disabled (Leprosy)
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