Shoot Elton John And The Elephants?

Shoot Elton John And The Elephants?:

I am fizzing mad today. I will never buy another i paper.

His Nibs, Elton John, writes about Elephants in Africa.

Elton John wants to save the elephants. Half wit. He is the type who turns up, sticks his poofter nose in for a few hours, and then goes home again. Leaving the farmers with more trouble than they had before. He and other fools like him.

Look. An elephant, like any other animal, can be described as vermin if there are too many of them.

The humans, which Mr John never gives a damn about anyway, take precedence over the elephants every time.

I am not suggesting all elephants should be shot.

What needs to be done is an accurate assessment made of how much food and space all the elephants in Africa require in a single year. If that out ways the natural resources, then it is obvious that humans are going to suffer. It is equally obvious that humans must not suffer as a result. (“All things on earth are for the good of man.” Not elephants or Elton John)

Then it might be possible to either feed them, or give them their own managed nation/s, within which they would be kept. If numbers become too many, then they would be farmed, as any other domestic animal, for their ivory, bones for bone meal, hides for? Whatever? Etc. suitable crops would be grown or given to them on site. (Please don’t tell me the problem is too big. We know that, but it must be dealt with)

They must not continue to take precedence over humans. How would you feel if you woke in the morning and all your crops were gone. (Just when they’re ready for harvest, because that’s when they want them. Ripe and ready for eating. Despite what townies think)

Other animals could be managed if the elephants are under control?

I really feel that people like Elton John should not be allowed to give opinions on anything. Poofs have rendered it impossible to police the world now. Millions of deaths are piling up worldwide as a result. Execute them.

I’m going back to reading the Scottish Daily Record. A good ol’ hang ’em high paper. Though it’s been interesting. Fair crack of the whip and all that.


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