Gobekli Tepe Revisited

Gobekli Tepe Revisited: (Pictures from given web site)

Was this maybe Satan before God removed his legs? (Which is why he’d like to remove mine. Satan that is. Cheeky devil)

Legged Satan Is this a duck and a fish?Duck And Fish

There is little doubt that this site is where creation, or at least part of it, took place. Did some of it happen at places such as Stonehenge?

I was posting on the cnn.com web page the other day that male sperm makes up the intestines of animals, including us. When the medical professions realise that poofs and sodomists are thus creating every illness on the planet by putting sperm in the wrong tubes, then all hell will break loose. God bless the water of life.

I may have just given a lot of ill people a very happy 2014, and a new law banning poofing.

Elgin Library closes today until the 3rd. So,

Happy New Year, and pray I’m correct. God Bless.


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At present I am disabled (Leprosy)
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