Back To Work Esteem

Back To Work Esteem: (Too many suicides)

If I were to go out to work, would I have the self esteem to try?

If I had not, what could be done to give me the confidence?

The first three months is the critical time.

To people in employment this is a question that they will respond to with scorn. They have never known low esteem. To the long term unemployed it is literally a matter of life or death. Get them through that initial three months period, and the sky’s the limit for them. Fail, and it can be disastrous.

Someone asked me the other day, on another subject, if I was in favour of bringing back slavery as well , , , ?

The answer in fact is yes. For many it’s an essential, safe, protected environment.

Call it slavery or apprenticeship. It’s the same thing. If you leave an apprenticeship, or are sacked, or cannot serve your time for some other reason before you are trained, your life is wasted. You cannot return later.

In the bible they called it being a slave to. (Not to be confused with slavery as defined by evil men)

Factories used to be the answer for people not in apprenticeships, but government can’t allow them built in many areas now, because of the shortfall in electricity to power them. Their words. Not mine. (Use my electric motors to self power them)

Low esteem is always heightened by providing what the person thinks is the wrong job for them. Low esteem comes from high ideas? Maybe this is the issue that should be made understood more than any. One can’t always have what one would like in life. Learn to enjoy what you get.

Any ideas you have on the subject. Throw them into an online debate. Or give them to bbc radio five live. Make them work at something they don’t want to do. Ha ha.

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