If I Were Younger!

If I Were Younger!:

I’d create a Motown in Morayshire. (I won’t be doing this now. Too old)

There is a venue in America that is custom built for the television transmissions and making of videos of country music. With a permanent set, and a live audience. There are probably many, and here as well, but not in Morayshire. They build them for making all sorts of videos. Anything from music to woodturning. They do require a lot of experts. Including people to deal with copyrights and packaging and Design.

I’d make one as a commercial day venue on the Elgin High Street. Selling lunches. Buskers welcome providing they play live. None do. No Plugging into amplifiers, – – – – except the venue system. (No Cheats) Sing for a free meal. Dance, Comedy. Then get a place on a video for sale on the web.

I was at an open mic night and asked a young girl for a loan of her guitar. No. No chance. The cheats can’t lend a guitar except to each other.

Because her music was in her guitar of course. Or the huge pile of junk. (Amplifiers) A little button on the neck of the guitar. If I’d clicked it I’d have performed (not very well) in her voice, with my mouth firmly closed.

Clever? No. Stupid way to sell her soul.

Note: There is a venue in Lossiemouth, but needs to be on Elgin High Street for office workers etc. lunches. It is a great myth that music is for nights. It’s not.


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At present I am disabled (Leprosy)
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