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Illegal Whisky Distilling In The U.K.

Illegal Whisky Distilling In The U.K.: Long before Charles Dickens wrote about illegal underground drinking dens in his book ‘Barnaby Rudge’ such dens existed. They made their own drinks. They still do. I know there is at least one in Moray, … Continue reading

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New Video ‘The Bogey Man’

New Video ‘The Bogey Man’: The Bogey Man If I ever get to redo the track ‘Child Abuse’ you will be impressed. That track is what is the most feared on earth.

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The God V The Devil Debate Is Hotting Up On CNN

The God V The Devil Debate Is Hotting Up On CNN: (Disqus) My brief is to divide the kingdoms. It appears to be going well. At the time of the end the ‘transgressors will have come to the fore.’ Bible. It … Continue reading

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Linkedin And Me

Linkedin And Me: Being disabled it is difficult for me to write a professional profile for Linkedin, but the blogs I write are important. I can’t work at present, but ideas come easily to me. Writing songs is one of the easiest … Continue reading

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Doss Houses And Daily Record

Doss Houses And Daily Record: (Recent Article Therein) I have said before, and will continue to say, if you have a doss house, it should be next door to a police station, or even have a police office in it. Part … Continue reading

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How Many Producers Around Grampian?

How Many Producers Around Grampian?: More than you think, but the devil knows what they produce. I had no idea, and I don’t think God cares, because they seem to be all working for the other bloke. I’d never heard … Continue reading

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Scottish Daily Record Lost It’s Way

Scottish Daily Record Lost It’s Way: For a long time I read the Scottish Daily Record, then for reasons of my own I read no papers, then the i, because of the price, and because I have a leak in … Continue reading

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Electric Motors Modernized Will Power Themselves

Electric Motors Modernized Will Power Themselves: And a lot more besides. My first computer was an old BBC Basic. It used 7″ discs as it’s only memory, and if you’d had a modern colour photo it could not have handled it … Continue reading

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Isambard Kingdom Brunel. Another View

Isambard Kingdom Brunel. Another View: Isambard Kingdom Brunel is given far too much credit for the work done under him in my view. That, over emphasis on people like him, is what has stifled British industry today. Not only him … Continue reading

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300 mph + Winds Coming Up

300 mph + Winds Coming Up: If the earth has gone into a wobble, as it is written in the good book 24: 18-end that it shall, we can expect to see a very big storm hit the Persian Gulf soon. (Within … Continue reading

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