Isambard Kingdom Brunel. Another View

Isambard Kingdom Brunel. Another View:

Isambard Kingdom Brunel is given far too much credit for the work done under him in my view. That, over emphasis on people like him, is what has stifled British industry today. Not only him of course, but many others also. It’s a form of cheating, and it’s an enormous hindrance to the minds of young men and women going into the workplaces now. It automatically produces an inferiority complex in young people, who think they already know, and discover they don’t know enough about it being teamwork.

I have not finished Fred Dibnah’s Age Of Steam yet, but the next couple of days should see me through it. It’s a wonderful work from a wonderful man. However it is a good example of what I have written above. For example: Just how much of the book was his own work? Certainly the interest in steam was Fred’s. His knowledge gathered over a lifetime of searching out steam  engines and parts yes. But the completed package with well finished books and DVD’s?

Too much is expected of individuals now. Take for another example the music of Motown. One man’s drive and leadership, but an awful lot of input from an awful lot of talented people.

At one point Brunel had around ten thousand men working for him, with dozens as draughtsmen. Were they all stupid? Not a bit. Those men could be pointed towards a mountain, and be expected to tunnel through it without supervision. Bridges the same. There is little planning to an arch, whether it is a bridge or part of a Cathedral. Once understood it is an easy concept to master, and build. Very simple.

Brunel was like a king who knew how to lead, but anything in his way would have also been in the way of several thousand capable men. It is what I have been trying to say for years. I, for example, could have made music. But package it? Not my job. A job for Christians in my case. After all, I work for Yeshua Christ.

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