Scottish Daily Record Lost It’s Way

Scottish Daily Record Lost It’s Way:

For a long time I read the Scottish Daily Record, then for reasons of my own I read no papers, then the i, because of the price, and because I have a leak in my house to dry up. Recently I have bought a few Records again for the same purpose, because the i support Elton John and Co.


The Scottish Daily Record was supposed to be a labour paper. Now, unfortunately it is a supporter of them who sit idle at home.

I think a good kick up the bahhooka from Joan Burnie is what the Record people need. Instead of supporting the idle labourers to kill themselves with over sitting watching TV, or a life of crime and death thereby, they should support them into a healthier life of work.

They really do seem to be ignoring labouring in favour of death by handouts now.

And the SNP promising to pick up the bill for the bedroom tax is surely illegal. After all the purpose is to make larger houses available for bigger families. Picking up the bill is defeating that purpose. Supporting that is not on. (Unless they build more houses) People kill to get a house. Believe me. Organised crime is that serious and more. People die from not having proper housing, and relationships suffer badly.

So Record persons are you for labour? Or biding at hame, crime and stagnation?

Note: I do not vote. Labour or any. That’s not what this post is for. It’s about health.

P.S. David Bowie has had a long association with Scotland. His son attended Gordonston School here in Moray, and David is a frequent visitor to this area. He is practically an honorary Scot now.

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