Dear President Putin Of Russia

Dear President Putin Of Russia:

Want to solve all the problems in your nation and the nations around you?

Can I suggest you apply to join the E.U. yourselves.

All your border problems will go away as soon as you apply, and to be frank with you, I don’t think the E.U. can continue indefinitely without Russia as a member.

Consult with America, on the understanding that they have a huge market in the America’s already. Canada to Chile – Argentina and the Pacific.

Consult with China, on the understanding they make everything on the planet anyway, and can join the America’s.

Give it a thought, but consult with the E.U. and the above anyway.

What’s to lose? More to gain. Your border problems might then shift to China? (All the more reason to consult, and gain an agreement first)

Yours truly Gordon Davidson



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At present I am disabled (Leprosy)
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