Obesity. Killer Restaurants Must Be Closed

Obesity. Killer Restaurants Must Be Closed: (All of them)

Thirty years ago there were only hotel restaurants, serving a scone or pancake, and maybe a muffin. They made nobody fat.

Now the killer cafe’s are serving up sh*t with sugar on foods to people who are obviously already dying from obesity. It is getting so bad that the men and women working in Starbucks, Elgin are beginning to feel guilty about serving fat people, and speaking amongst themselves about their guilt. How can they sleep knowing they kill?

Half the nation is unfit to work now, because they’ve stuffed it good and full, and there is so much needing done.

Brick, stone or steel bridges to build. A Cathedral to mend.

Note: Steel arches work well in bridges if properly designed, but don’t last as long. Never mind. The big earthquake coming soon in Brazil will demolish most existing structures on this planet anyway. In June I think.


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At present I am disabled (Leprosy)
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