‘Hell On Earth’ A Short Story By Gordon

‘Hell On Earth.’ A Short Story By Gordon:

The soldiers sat round their camp fire exchanging stories and taking turns to entertain. They wore different uniforms in almost equal numbers. Some of the singing was applauded, and the nods of approval was a guide to their excellence. They were a happy bunch of young men and women who liked to sing, dance and be merry.

There was one however who sat with his head hung staring at the flames.

Someone asked what the problem was. Was he not enjoying the evening? He was normally a happy lad.

“I got a letter from home.” He said. ” A death.”


“My sister.”

“What happened?” by this time over a hundred people were listening.

“Robbery and rape is all I know so far.” He looked around him, and everyone was looking for more information.

“Did they arrest anyone?” Someone asked.

“Not before this letter was sent.” He said ruefully. “Not likely to either.” He added, and they all agreed.

“Yeshua, that’s ten notices of criminal deaths from home for our company this month alone.”

“About the same for us.” One of the supposed enemy said. Civvy street really is hell on earth. I’m really glad I’m in the army, and safe here with you lot.”

Both sides totally agreed.


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