Never Give To Cancer Charities

Never Give To Cancer Charities:

There is more joy in giving than receiving, but in the case of cancer charities you simply put money into the pockets of NHS workers, who should never be paid at all.

I won’t even go into their shops.

Leprosy is the illness, and it is being used as a weapon, and a means to make money for certain false religions. My leg has gongrene, as it does every spring when the new growth sets in.

Read Leviticus Chapters 13-14-15 and understand what is being told.

Another point: Hyssop is one of the best anti biotics. Taken with diluted vinegar it is the best. It’s what God gave his son on the cross. Why can’t I find it in any of our shops? Plenty of products are made using it. (Including anti biotics) Do we need a prescription for that also in Britain?


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At present I am disabled (Leprosy)
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