Killing With Kindness

Killing With Kindness:

There are many ways to kill with kindness. I.e. Overfeeding. I remember a vet having to attend a local horse on a farm near where I used to stay when the young girl overfed it. Horse nearly died.

This post is specifically about small dogs though. Time and time again I see people over walking small dogs and severely damaging their leg/s. Very small dogs only need a run around the garden. Middle size just a few yards more. I once met a woman walking one of the tiny miniature creatures on a lead, and it was cruelty to me just to watch the poor thing trying to keep up. I ended up saying it might be better if she just picked it up and popped it in her pocket. She could have easily fitted two in.

Ed Says: “Listen fatty, practice what you preach.”

Gordon thinks: “They’re killing me with a sore leg that ties me to a seat with no exercise Ed. I’m biggish, and need to move more.”

Ed says: “Or eat less.”


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At present I am disabled (Leprosy)
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