God Lives. Yeshua Lives. Saint Peter Lives. I’ve Met Them.

God Lives. Yeshua Lives. Saint Peter Lives. I’ve Met Them:

I’ve met a few others also.

I rolled my Easter eggs yesterday. Yes, three eggs. I ate one and threw out two. The judgments will be around two bad to one good.

I should have used two bad eggs and one good one, but knowing me I’d have eaten the wrong one. This could be why I am to be judged and not the actual judge.

I went to Inverness on Friday. Hoping to see my girl friend. Don’t even know what she looks like, but it was a lovely day. Bus fares too much for my income. Once a year would be all I could afford.

I promise you one thing. The people who have stood in the way of me making music and selling it for rebuilding Elgin Cathedral WLL NOT GO ON TO EVERLASTING LIFE. Contempt is too good for them. If I had my way they’d rot in hell for ever more. They INVENT crimes that they bandy around, to justify themselves. Like Bruce Taylor for example. Just enough to restrain good innocent Christians like myself to death. Same as they did to Yeshua Christ. Exactly.


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At present I am disabled (Leprosy)
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