The Ark Of The Covenant. It’s Importance

The Ark Of The Covenant. It’s Importance:

How important would finding the ark of the covenant be?

Well, the quran and the muslim false religion would have to be binned.

The koran is based on the assumption that the ark of the covenant, and the two tablets it contained with the ten commandments, does not exist, and never did. The koran says the commands were given to them to give to Moses, and they were on paper, and there were only nine.

The rest of the book will be seen as the lie it is if the tablets turn up. It would certainly cause their armies to lose the plot. Knowing they would be doomed as a religion.

Based on the knowledge that arabs knew where the dead sea scrolls were, at least as far back as the 1820’s, when they used them to form the basis for the book of mormon, published 1830,  we might perhaps assume that they know where the ark of the covenant and the two stone tablets are?

It is a fact that if they do they will never disclose where.


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