Fear Absolute

Fear Absolute:

Populations of several villages in Syria were totally wiped out recently. When the war began. Both sides denied responsibility, and I think neither side was responsible.

 I have told you before that muslims are swapping black muslims for Christians in the western world. Fact. Try convincing me that my neighbours step daughter is still the same lass, and he’s black.

Three hundred children stolen in Nigeria.

How would you instill absolute fear in them?

Wipe out an entire village that they are acquainted with. If they have the power to do that time and again, then fear is absolute. Not to mention lack of witnesses.

Lucifer lost to God’s kingdom at Entebbe. ‘Victory at Entebbe’ – film. Lucifer is the most cowardly piece of excrement on this planet, therefore.  

Lucifer does not like to lose, probably their final destination is indoctrination schools in Kuwait, but via ?

There are enough swapped blacks here to remain silent over this. Cover it. Up to Jews and Christians.


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At present I am disabled (Leprosy)
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