Nearly 300 Abducted. So Why Over 200 Given?

Nearly 300 Abducted. So Why Over 200 Given?:

The simple answer is they have been sending them to America and Europe for a long, long time, and they now control our media and governments.

They outnumber us by 9 – 1. (Minimum) Largely because they swap one of their own often, for a dead Christian. They are covering all this up in our midst. You risk death by N.H.S. just to mention it in public.

Look at the facts.

The teachers at the boarding school removed their own girls. Those schools are preparing children, male and female, all over the muslim world.

They prepare them for life in the west at those schools.

I’ve been thinking more about the villages which were totally wiped out in Syria and now in Nigeria. If your children were stolen would you complain if you realised that threats to kill them all would be carried out.

This not just about numbers. This is about the evil that is the false muslim faith. “Scum,” my friend Saint Peter calls them. Not wrong sir. And where the hell are you now we need you?

There is an easy answer, and it’s simply to destroy Iraq. Wipe it off the face of the planet as the Bible says must happen. Then Mecca. No piece of politician sh*t will do this. It is up to ten military men to take the law into their own hands and deliver us all.

You could do worse than take my black half-sister Me(h)ta, or one of the Halkets, and give them a wash, then torture the truth out of the vermin. Don’t ever believe such people are not aware of what goes on. We are talking deaths in the hundreds if not thousands of millions to date.

Note: Idi Amin becoming Alex Salmond and now being king of Scotland is not as funny as you all seem to think it is.

Note 2: Saddam Hussein once sayng they ‘kill millions of us’ is not so funny either.


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