Our Dead Trees Could Create Rain Forests In Africa

Our Dead Trees Could Create Rain Forests In Africa:

We have a few dead trees as a result off the food alleviation works beside the river. Trees over a considerable area have been deprived of water as a result of the changes and died.

I was looking at a google map of Nigeria yesterday. Satellite.

From above it is apparent that the dry soil can sustain a single tree in a given area. One tree only.

Last night I came to the conclusion, from all of this information, that the way to irrigate such dry areas is from beneath. Not above.

Though don’t ask me how to do that. The pipes or conduits would have to be absolutely impossible to block, but yet still leak enough to make the undersoil moist.

Maybe piped water to periodic surface points, where it could be manually watched and controlled to go down again deep, and at regular spacings. Take a lesson from the trees. How many points would be required to moisten the soil below enough to grow crops? Or even quality grass? You’d have to let it run for a year before planting the areas. (Desalinated water would be good for that if fresh water is in short supply)

One thing is for certain, irrigating above is wasted on sandy soil. Especially with a very hot sun above as in Nigeria. Total waste of time.

Moistening underneath would create a humid climate if plants grew, and Bob’s your uncle, you may have a rain forest before you know it.


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