Yeshua Said “Your Sins Are Forgiven” Not Forgotten

Yeshua Said “Your Sins Are Forgiven” Not Forgotten:

A single Judge says that a person’s past should not be left in Google. That is a man who wants us to judge one’s self. Not appropriate for any mortal. (Bible John and Satan would love that)

That is against everything I work for every day.

It is against everything Yeshua taught me. It is against the word of God. It is against all things decent.

It is true that there will be a new earth and the old earth will be completely forgotten, but not until all the sins of the past are heard.

That judge implies that people can sin with impunity if they are not discovered, YET. It would also have to apply to newspapers and all media.

“There has never a thought been thought that will not be made known to man.” Bible


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