Schools For Teaching Western Expressions

Schools For Teaching Western Expressions:

Okay, so you may not believe me yet, but you will. Teachers from the western world are returning to their places of origin and other places, to teach their juniors how to behave in a given nation. I.e. Germany, France, Belgium, America, Holland Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Etc. Etc. Including local expressions until it is their first language.

It may well be that The terror group Boko Haram, who kidnapped the girls, were not aware of why they were being taught western style. They maybe thought that they were being taught to undermine their own society at home, when in fact they were being taught to undermine our cultures in the west. This could explain why the villages are destroyed. The teachers spend years on the job. (Seven years for one example)

The fire power used against those villages was way above what a few kids on foot could carry around. More like the power of some government behind all of this? A lot of destruction for just an hour or two. Ask John Simpson of the BBC what he thought when he saw it?

This would put the kidnap victims in a very difficult situation, because to mention it would mean certain death. They have to act a part, and not behave as westerners. Pigeon languages at best.

Funnily, my coloured sister, who’s never been to Africa, can break into ‘black’ speak in a jiffy. “Bwana’s” Etc.

I suppose this in itself proves there is underworld culture here, of which she is acquainted, that is constantly thriving at our Christian expense.

Also: Offer to take that condemned Christian lady who is due to hang for refusing to deny Yeshua Christ. Then we can safely send every muslim home. Or hang them if no one wants to take them.


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